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Acupuncture Today Archives - December, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 12)

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Getting in Gear for Next Year
  By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large
Home Remedies for the Common Cold
  By Deborah Banker, MD
AT Announces Call for Columnists
  By Editorial Staff
An Interview with Robert Chu, LAc, QME, Master Tong-Style Acupuncturist: Part One of Two
  By Brian Carter, MSCi, LAc
Beware the Trojan Horse
  By Garrett Casey
Univ. of Virginia Receives $2.2 Million Grant to Study Echinacea
  By Editorial Staff
Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: Changing the Face of Aging, Part Three
Treating Rosacea: A Chronic Condition
  By Alexis Bennett and Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, LAc, Dipl. Ac., MS, MM
How Do You Treat Diabetes and Syndrome X? Part One
  By Andrew Gaeddert, BA, AHG
Allergies and the San Jiao
  By Heidi Hawkins, MAc, LAc
Chinese Medicine Is Here to Stay
Dr. Fuda: The Story of a Rural Doctor and Oriental Medicine's New Frontier
  By Tracy Litsey
When East Meets West at the Doctor's Office
Report on the Second World Congress of Integrative Medicine
  By Angela C. Liu, MD (China), MSS, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)
Independent Contractor vs. Employee: An Easy Test to Tell the Difference
  By Kevin McNamee
AAOM, Acupuncture Alliance Reach "Memorandum of Understanding"
  By Editorial Staff
Laser Acupuncture/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Update
  By Margaret Naeser
Part Two: You Are Being Watched
  By C.P. Negri
News in Brief
  By Editorial Staff
Acupuncture Poll
  By Editorial Staff
Characteristics of Licensed Acupuncturists
New Study Sheds Light on Practice Patterns
  By Editorial Staff
California Acupuncture Board Gets Extension
Passage of SB 1951 Preserves Board through June 2005
  By Editorial Staff
Can Tongue Diagnosis Predict Colon Cancer?
Scientists Embark on Groundbreaking U.S. Study
  By Michael Devitt
Providing Emergency Care at the Nation's Capital
Volunteers Wanted for National Registry
  By David Vandenberg
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