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Acupuncture Today Archives - January, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 01)

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Integrating Medical and Esthetic Treatments – Multi-Modal Therapy For Your Practice
  By Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc
The Dangerous Hype of Antioxidants
  By Marlene Merritt, DOM, LAc, ACN
Making Private Practice Work
  By Matthew Bauer, LAc
The Kidney Meridian and the Hua Tuo Jiaji Points
  By John Amaro, LAc, DC, Dipl. Ac.(NCCAOM), Dipl.Med.Ac.(IAMA)
Dr., Doctour, Docere - What's in a Title?
  By William Morris, DAOM, PhD, LAc
Think Like a Philosopher: Psychosomatics and the Luo Vessels
  By Nicholas Sieben, LAc
Neuroplasticity: Learn and Adapt at Any Age
  By Andrew Rader, LAc, MS
Global Visions: Acupuncture as an International Public Health Modality
  By Elizabeth Sommers, PhD, MPH, LAc and Kristen E. Porter, PhD, MS, MAc, LAc
Aging, Fertility, and the Liver
  By Martha Lucas, PhD, LAc
Ergonomics of Asian Bodywork Therapy
  By Pamela Ellen Ferguson, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA® and GSD-CI, LMT (TX)
You Can't Love Them All
  By Felice Dunas, PhD
Deciphering Important Acupuncture Billing Codes
  By Samuel A. Collins
Another Perspective: Studying the Classics For A Firm Foundation
  By Jason Blalack, LAc and Z'ev Rosenberg, LAc
Breaking Down the Pediatric Acupuncture Treatment
  By Robin Green, MTCM, LAc
Billing and Documentation of Acupuncture for Automobile Accidents
  By Steven Schram, PhD, DC, LAc
Integrative View of Atopic Dermatitis – Part II
  By Diana Hermann, LAc
Interdisciplinary Setting an Advantage for Acupuncturists
  By Alfie Vente, RMT, D. Ac (Cand.)
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