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Acupuncture Today Archives - September, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 09)

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New Opportunities in Unchartered Waters
More Acupuncturists Are Exploring the Latest Trend: Serving Patients At Sea
  By Stephanie Kimber, LAc
Ancient Relief for a Modern Disease
  By Daniel Ramirez
Are You a Pulse Master?
  By Kimberly Thompson, LAc
Evolving Directions for Acupuncture Research: Report from the International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health
  By Elizabeth Sommers, PhD, MPH, LAc
Now Is The Time
  By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large
Coursing the Qi - Part I
  By Craig Williams, LAc, AHG
Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine and TCM: A Powerful Integration
  By Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc and Deborah Weiss, LAc, RN
Save the Economy: Use Chinese Medicine
  By Nancy Post, MAc, PhD
Opportunities By The Venus Transit: Nourish Our Earth
  By Martha Lucas, PhD, LAc
Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders With Chinese Herbal Formulas - Part 1: Acute
  By Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc
Barriers and Bridges: Balancing Eastern Thought and Western Science
  By Candace Veach, MTOM, LAc
The Spirits of the Points: The Kidney Official
  By Neil Gumenick, MAc (UK), LAc, Dipl. Ac
Peer Points: Aimee Raupp Goes From Acupuncture To Books
Stories of Practice Success
  By Brenda Duran
Identifying and Fixing Brain Chemical Imbalances
  By Mark Costello, LAc, MAcOM, DiplAc
Perception is Important
  By Lori Farley, LAc, DiplAc, DiplCH
The Unasked Questions
  By Bonnie Koenig, LAc
A Chinese Medicine Perspective on Diet & Lifestyle for the Spring
  By Yasmin Spencer, LAc, Dipl. O.M., MTCM
Healing Mother Earth
  By Raven Sara, LAc
Allopathic Medicine vs. Holistic Medicine
  By Siamak F. Shirazi, LAc, PhD, OMD
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