About the Columnist

Pamela Ellen Ferguson, Dipl ABT, AOBTA® and GSD-CI, LMT (TX) teaches primarily CEU and advanced courses in Asian Bodywork Therapy at schools of Shiatsu in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. She is the Asian Bodywork Therapy Dean Emerita of AOMA, and the former AOBTA® Director of the Council of Schools and Programs. Pam has authored 10 books including major textbooks The Self Shiatsu Handbook (1995) and TAKE FIVE - The five elements guide to health and harmony, (2000) published in English and German. As a survivor of metastatic breast cancer, Pam developed a series of qi-inspired postmastectomy exercises in a DVD titled Drawing Circles. Together with Debra Duncan Persinger PhD, she co-authored/co-edited the first anthology of global teachers of Asian Medicine titled "SAND TO SKY - Conversations with Teachers of Asian Medicine" (2008). Her latest book is a work of fiction for children titled "Sunshine Picklelime" (2010). She can be reached via her website at www.pamelaferguson.net.

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